What Is A Chakra?

imageI recently attended a workshop and the word Chakra was mentioned in reference to someone having stress around their throat area. To be honest, the word went right over my head. Or so I thought! Since that workshop, the word keeps creeping up time and time again so, I decided to do a little research on what a Chakra is. I delved into a few websites and their explanations on Chakra’s but, I’m feeling none the wiser since.

I do know that Chakra’s relate to engery and seeing as I am a big believer in our universe, world and selves being created and operated by energy, the idea appeals to me. Although my research didn’t lead to much, I did stumble across a Chakra test. Who can say no to a little self assessment? Especially when there’s multiple choice answers involved! My test went well, considering it’s an area I don’t know a lot about but there were two sections in which I fell short: my Green Chakra and my Blue Chakra. ¬†Apparently, I have the possibility to use those centres but you do not completely understand its function. You can say that again! But, now I’m curious…

I want to attend Chrysalis’ “Chakra Balancing for Health and Wellbeing” so I can discover what a Chakra is. If Green represents my heart and Blue represents my throat, perhaps the two most important parts of our bodies, I want to know how to improve the energy in these areas so I can ace my Chakra test next time around.

  1. admin / 18 Mar, 2014 -

    Hi Zoe.

    It will be great to have you at the workshop this Saturday! Your curiosity and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all. You’ll get a lot of great information and experiential knowledge about chakras on Saturday. It’s such a yummy experience, we’re sure you’ll have a great time.

    If you’d like a bit more info on chakras before Saturday, check out the article written by the facilitator of the workshop, Julie Williams, where she gives the basics on what this energy stuff is all about: http://www.chrysalis.ie/how-is-your-energy-today/

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