The Chrysalis Centre

The Chrysalis Centre is one of the longest established, respected and leading holistic retreat centres in Ireland. Chrysalis was founded and opened in 1989 as a centre for reflection and spiritual renewal. It is a registered company with charitable status currently being lead by two directors and supported by an advisory board of leaders and visionaries in the field.

Celebrating25yrsThe main objective of Chrysalis is to provide services in personal and professional development, all encouraging and supporting guests to live their lives more fully, creatively and effectively. Since we started, thousands of people have benefited from their visits & we regularly receive heartfelt feedback about what a positive difference we have made to their journeys.

Guided by this input, we consider guests appreciate four particular aspects of participation: Leading facilitators, valuable workshop content, group support/dynamics, ambience and heartfelt service. The synergy of these plus heart/people-centred staff whose care combine with these aspects to create what Chrysalis has evolved into.

Our programme of events includes one day, evening courses, community and collaborative events with a diverse range of teachers and subjects.

Since 1989, Chrysalis has become a trusted presence in the retreat centre market. Over this time there has been significant growth and interest in personal development and self awareness programmes in Ireland that has been reflected in the continued success. The choice of name was inspired by the symbol of the butterfly emerging from a chrysalis to indicate spiritual transformation.

In 2011, the organization went through a transformation into a more modern business model to support the expanding market of opportunity in the field. A re-emergence in May 2012 proved successful in a changing world landscape.  In 2014 we celebrated 25 years in business as we embraced the beautiful and dynamic process of meeting the needs of our clients, while being a leader in educational personal growth workshops and retreats.  We look forward to a bright future of continuing what we do best.







Left to Right: Tony Smyth (Chairman), Eoin McCabe (Director), Julie Williams (Managing Director)

A company limited by guarantee, not having share capital. Company: 257219. Registered charity: CHY11665

Vision Statement

Chrysalis is an emerging community of people seeking to raise consciousness, promote lifelong learning and nurture inner freedom, while being a beneficial, compassionate and empowering presence in the world.

Mission Statement

Co-creating the emerging future through developing a network of organisations and individuals who share our vision and values; Providing transformative education by providing opportunities to people for stillness, meditation, contemplation, to explore consciousness, awareness and transformation; Encouraging compassionate connections to foster a sense of community among like-minded people and organizations; Modelling sustainable living and business