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Be a Work of Heart : The OPEN Process

by Eoin McCabe


What does it mean to be a work of Heart? When you chose to become a work of heart you start to live life with greater honesty and openness. You stop pretending to be someone other than your true self. You give yourself permission to be You no matter what. The self-criticism and judgements end, you embrace all of You and start doing more of what you love and enjoy. You believe in yourself, take more risks and have fun doing them. As a work of heart you love more easily and connect with others easily. Your relationships become more intimate, loving and full of compassion. Your creativity soars and success in areas of your life arrives simply because you are getting out of your own way.

You are accepting who you are and where you are in each moment, going more with the flow and trusting in life to take care of you. You know you have a part to play in terms of stepping up and following your heart as it guides you to take action and connect with others. As you follow your heart, no matter how scary it may feel, you are living your true purpose in life. This is happiness in action, this is peace of mind and this is healing you completely.

Part of the Open process is seeing where you fall down, where you are feeling ashamed, embarrassed, weak, insecure and ‘less than’, and embracing all these aspects of you simply because they are a part of you and rejecting them or trying to fix them only creates pain and misery for you. By acknowledging them and integrating them back into who you truly are you are forgiving and healing yourself, this is when real transformation happens and your life takes on a whole new meaning. You begin to shine because you are no longer fighting your shadow. You are making peace with your shadow every time you encounter it and so all the drama in your life starts to fall away.

You become more relaxed in yourself, more open, more confident and present. People take notice of you and are drawn to you. They listen to you and see your true strength. Your willingness to be vulnerable is what gives you access to all your power and this is what makes you a work of heart, a light in the world for all others to step up and follow, to be themselves just like you are being.

The Open process is the work you do to achieve the work of heart state. It incorporates, amongst other things, shadow work and self-compassion building. Shadow work is not intellectual, it’s a journey from the head to the heart. The Shadow according to Jung are those parts of our personality that have been rejected out of fear, ignorance, shame or a lack of love. This includes our gifts and talents, which we must recognise and own fully, appreciate and honour them. We must search out and embrace our uniqueness.

We must go into the dark to bring forth the light. When we suppress any feeling or impulse we are also suppressing its polar opposite; if we deny our ugliness we lessen our beauty, if we deny our fear we minimise our courage. Too often we are told to focus on the positive and imagine light around us as a means of dealing with our blocks and issues. The more we seek the light the denser the shadow becomes. This is a kind of denial of the truth. The fact is we must go into the blocks and face our fears and demons to obliterate their hold over us. Talking about them and throwing white light at them has no lasting impact. Facing them and stepping into them is where transformation happens.

The Open process is supportive, gentle and powerful in its simplicity. The process gets to the core of the truth of your experience and in doing so sets you free from the emotional pain and stress that had been holding you back. It is experiential and once you go through it you can then apply it to all aspects of your life as and when required.

This is the work that matters and it takes courage to be vulnerable to realise your true nature. The choice is always yours. This process offers you the opportunity to turn your wounds into wisdom. By choosing an integral life you allow yourself to notice and then blend all the aspects of who you are (both the positive and the negative stuff you and others see) enabling you to live a life of utter visibility. So long as you keep hiding, masquerading and projecting what is inside of you, you will never feel at peace or happy or have freedom. Are you ready to live life heart first and rest in your brilliant beingness, vulnerable and powerful?

EoinEoin McCabe, author of OPEN:How learning to live from the heart changed everything and can for you too, has been working with individuals and groups for almost 20 years.  He is a Founder Director of the Irish Lifecoach Intitute (ILI), and holds a Masters degree in Education, a di[loma in Biocognitive Psychology and is a certified NLP practitioner.  As an experienced speaker he gives workshops, talks and seminars in the areas of personal mastery through open heart living.