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BEYOND SELF HELP – Realising Your True Nature


true nature

It seems so normal that we should always be trying to improve and better ourselves, be working on our relationships, our career, our fitness, our finances, make a better life for ourselves. Self-help and self-improvement are the obvious paths taken by so many of us to achieve our goals, dreams and ambitions. But what if these paths are simply cul de sacs; leading to nowhere and keeping us busy without delivering any sustainable, lasting, real change.

What if we got it wrong and have been looking in the wrong direction all our lives – throwing money, time and energy at strategies, modalities, tools and techniques that were never dealt with the real issue, the root of all our supposed problems, difficulties and insecurities. With the best of intentions these self-help interventions provided at best temporary relief and some comfort, but inevitably the stress and the old familiar patterns of behaviour and/or thinking would return, sometimes with a vengeance!

Pointing out this truth is simple….realising it experientially is the challenge! This workshop is about understanding the true nature of all our perceived issues and problems; looking in the right direction to the true source of stress, anxiety, fears, insecurities, etc. In doing so we can discover what it means in practical and simple terms to heal, to let go, surrender and forgive.

Deceptively simple, the principles explored in this workshop transcend traditional self-help and psychological method. They point directly to what has always been present and enable you to uncover your blind spots that have kept hidden till now the true source of all your emotional and mental stress and pain. It does not require you to work on your problem or to go back into your past looking for answers. Instead it sheds light on how all problems get created in the first place and sets you free to find creative solutions, make new choices, and to move forward in life fulfilling your own true potential. There are no techniques to learn, nothing to remember or practice. Your own insight is what opens the door for you, and once you see it for yourself, it’s yours to keep. If you are ready to finally uncover these key blind spots and embrace a whole new experience of life, this workshop will set the foundation for you.

The workshop will address:
• How to be happy and content before anything in your life changes “for the better”
• How self-evaluation can be the primary obstacle to your well-being
• How the innocent misuse of your thinking leads you to believe you need to improve
• How understanding the true nature of your experience frees you from all stress and anxiety in life

So if you or someone you know is Feeling Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Low confidence? Overwhelmed? Stuck? Out of sorts? Busy mind? Trouble making decisions? Struggling at work or study? Difficult relationships? Destructive habits? …….or simply just wants to be happier, then this workshop will provide you with the insights and understanding you need to completely change your relationship to these states and to life itself.


EoinEoin McCabe. Eoin McCabe, author of OPEN:How learning to live from the heart changed everything and can for you too, has been working with individuals and groups for almost 20 years.  He is a Founder Director of the Irish Lifecoach Intitute (ILI), and holds a Masters degree in Education, a di[loma in Biocognitive Psychology and is a certified NLP practitioner.  As an experienced speaker he gives workshops, talks and seminars in the areas of personal mastery through open heart living. www.eoinmccabe.com


Workshop Location:

Chrysalis Centre Ireland
Waverly House
Church Rd. (Main St.)
Greystones, Co. Wicklow
+ 353 (0) 87 7798877

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