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Studies show that about 80% of the choices you make will be motivated by fear, not desire.  For example, do you find it hard to say no to things you do not want to do? Do you sometimes feel anxious about a future event or situation?  Do you often choose the safest option, even though it is not aligned with what you really want?  Do you avoid people, situations or decisions in your life? These are all examples of how fear affects our thoughts, emotions and choices and leads to actions that directly shape our experiences in life.   This workshop will allow you to recognise unhelpful thought patterns that are motivated by fears, so that you can make life choices from a clear, embodied and empowered place.  This will give you the ability to redefine and reshape any life experience into a positive, fulfilling and desirable one.   You will be coached to find the Super-Vision to look beyond the familiar; uncover and let go of limiting beliefs; release attachment to beliefs that fuel the fear state; understand the relationship between fear, anger, resentment and control; uncover and claim hidden resources you can apply directly to life; understand your communication style (internal and external) to see if it is aligned with your true intention; learn how cultural norms affect your thinking; bring more balance and optimism to your life and release unhelpful thinking patterns so that you can manage your emotions, thoughts and life with grace and ease.  This is as simple as changing your perspective and as powerful as changing your reality.  So, come switch off your stress, reclaim your power and create the life you most want!


carmelwynne2Carmel Wynne has a successful practice in coaching, supervision and is author of the book “Coaching –The Key to Unlocking your Potential”.   She has written numerous articles on relationships and sexuality, coaching, effective communication and personal empowerment for the Irish Times.  She has developed her own approach to coaching with Super-Vision.   ‘Super-Vision’ invites a new way of looking in order to find that you have all the skills you need to unlock your potential, switch off worry, anxiety and to cope elegantly and easily with the stress in your life.   www.carmelwynne.org

Workshop General Outline:

Session 1

Icebreaker exercise followed by “Why are you here and what do you want from the day?”

Input: Any decision you make that is based on fear, especially if you are not aware that fear is in you, hurts you. What you do out of fear is damaging. Examples and illustration of avoidance, leading to hidden resentment and unexpressed anger.

Practical exercise: FAR Exercise (fear, anger and resentment part 1)

Session 2

Input: “You have a real emotional response to what you are thinking and feeling, not to reality”. Coaching on limiting beliefs and finding strengths, personal resources and benefits of life-experience.

Session 3

Input: Control always exists in our relationships. There is a world of difference between responding and manipulating. Words have power. Look at your style of communication. Do you make requests or demands? Fun exercise on communication, illustrating how others can relate to us as demanding, even if that was not our intention.

Session 4

FARC Exercise (fear, anger, resentment, control)

Bringing it all together. Drop labels like positive and negative.

Name your resources. Claim your resources. Use the power you have to reshape and redefine any life experience and you will cope elegantly and beautifully.

End with gifting circle.

Workshop Location:

Chrysalis Centre Ireland
Waverly House
Church Rd. (Main St.)
Greystones, Co. Wicklow
+ 353 (0) 87 7798877

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