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How would you like to study from the inside out? Would you like to come away from a workshop with a refreshing approach to the body’s form and function based on increased awareness and observation and being more attuned to how the body expresses the emotional life? Emotional Anatomy takes a holistic, embodied and experimental perspective of anatomy. This approach was developed by Marion Rosen, pioneer somatic educator, and is an integral part of the training for Rosen Practitioners. It is also studied by a wide range of practitioners interested in somatic practice, including modalities of movement and touch, and also by counselors and nurses as well as by individuals who are interested in the body-mind connection. This workshop will go beyond the mapping of feelings and emotions to include bodily postures and structure.  The focus is on the anatomy of the body as the vehicle that expresses all our varied states of being.   This happens through working with what is involved in moving our limbs, or in stopping them moving; in breathing or holding our breath; in smiling or frowning. In the workshop participants will be introduced to reading the skeleton’s position, skin, muscle tension, and bodies in motion, in how they manifest the inner life, and the emotional life that they represent.  We will explore, discover and deepen our experience of embodied anatomy through demonstration, touch, sharing, guided visualization and movement. This workshop is for practitioners of all modalities (including massage, healing, dance, aikido, yoga, meditation etc.), and for those interested in deepening self-awareness.

Through an active and fun day we will not only become more aware of our own inner life and our mind-body connection, but from the somatic experience we will also develop skills such as:

–       Reading the skeleton’s position

–       Identifying superficial and deep tensions

–       Taking the time to slow down and observe without judgment

–       Discerning what information the form of the body expresses (and represses)

–       Exploring strategies for working with others’ awareness

–       Deepening our ability to connect from a place of embodied presence

–       Looking at the wholeness of the human being, including ourselves

We will work as a group, with partners, and individually. We will share our experience and discuss them in the light of the body’s structure, function and meaning to ourselves.


Kate O’Shea (USA) originally trained as a physiotherapist and is a Rosen Method Senior Training Teacher, and Physical Therapist. She is on the faculty and Director Training at Rosen Schools in the USA and in Russia where she trains and supervises Rosen professionals and teaches Rosen Bodywork, Movement and Anatomy. For more than 20 years Kate managed a hospital rehabilitation department with a team of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists. There she incorporated the Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement into the field of Rehabilitation.  www.rosenmethod.com

Workshop Location:

Chrysalis Centre Ireland
Waverly House
Church Rd. (Main St.)
Greystones, Co. Wicklow
+ 353 (0) 87 7798877

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