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Family Constellation : Ancestral Healing WEEKEND RESIDENTIAL


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This deeply healing workshop explores and uncovers how the limitations we experience with our health, finances and success in life may be inherited from the lives of our ancestors. Unconscious entanglements can develop between family members and ancestors in an effort to heal and restore balance and a flow of love to the family soul. Based on the work of Bert Hellinger, the process happens in a group format where the facilitator works with an issue by setting up representatives for the family entanglements and working with the dynamics that show up. The workshop is designed to serve individuals desiring to seek resolutions of persistent life issues, as well as therapists seeking to discover new ways of working with clients. Everyone who participates (and their families) stands to benefit from the work.  All participants will have their family constellation done.

What is Family Constellation Work?

There is a presence of a family conscience which guards the integrity of the family soul. Hidden orders support the flow of systemic energy in service of belonging and bonding. In families, this energy is love. Then the orders of belonging are disrupted, so is the flow of love. When this happens, family members come under systemic pressure to restore balance. Unconscious entanglements then develop between family members and their ancestors in an effort to heal the family soul. These entanglements can then manifest as personal, financial or professional limitations as well as dis-ease. This format helps uncover the truth behind these loyalties and strives to find re-solutions to bring balance to the flow of love in the system. This allows for the flow of life to be restored to the living members of the family which is the foundation to achieving health, wealth, and success in all aspects of life.

What is the Format?

The work is done in a group format where the participants begin by sitting in circle and share intentions for the day.  There are three levels of participants in the work: client, representative and witness.   The client, chosen on the day, is the individual who has their family system set up to be worked.  Representatives are participants who stand in the field for members of the family or issues.  Witnesses remain seated in the circle.  The way Julie facilitates, all levels of participation benefit fully from the day.

In this group format, the issue is set up in the field using representatives as family members, states of being, or issues.  The facilitator works with the group using words, movements and representatives to first identify the present state of family dynamic as it relates to the issue.  From this place, by acknowledging what is, including those who were excluded and restoring the balance of the flow of love from the elders to those in the current generation, entanglements can be released and suffering is transformed to love.  The facilitator seeks re-solution to the issue moving the system into strength from where it was previously weak.  The constellation is then brought into order by positioning representatives in the appropriate positions in their family system.

How much family history is needed to participate?

There is no requirement for the amount of family history that needs to be known in order to participate.  In fact, the less one knows about their family history, the more likely there are to be entanglements present.  This work is wonderful at uncovering these mysteries.  Knowing the family history can give indications of what particular pattern may be at play within the family system, which can be worked with directly in the field.

What Does it Treat?

Most issues have an ancestral origin, independent of how it may manifest: physical, emotional, financial, energetic, spiritual etc.  This format is very effective with: Emotional Issues, Dis-ease, Physical Pain, Relationship Problems, Financial Distress, Career and Business Troubles and any persistent issues unresponsive to other treatments.


IMG_3466Julie Williams, Holistic Therapist & Family Constellation Facilitator. Julie holds a degree in Biological Sciences together with extensive training in holistic therapies including Quantum Healing, NLP, Shamanism, Chakra Balancing, Energy Clearing, Massage, Hellinger Family Constellation work and a variety of other holistic therapy modalities.  She has trained with the leaders in the field including Bert Hellinger, Bertold Ulsamer, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Carl Buccheit, Michele Masters with the Hellinger Institute of DC, University of California at Santa Barbara and NLP Marin. www.quantum-evolution.com

LocationWilderness Lodge, Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow.

Timing: Workshop runs from Friday evening, including dinner and evening session, until Sunday late afternoon.

Lodging: Rooms are shared accommodation as double (2 person) and quad (4 person) occupancy. A few single rooms are also available on a first come first served basis.  Rooms are self catering with ensuite toilet w/shower and private entrance.

Cost: € 345 Single, € 295 Double shared, € 275 Quad shared.  Payments accepted via PayPal (includes service charge, bank transfer (inquire for bank details) or cheque (mailed to Chrysalis, P.O. Box 28, Greystones, Co. Wicklow).  Please note: As space is limited at our residential events, payment is required to confirm registration.

Food: Vegetarian food prepared by The Happy Pear

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