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Our essential blissful nature is vibration as expressed through pure consciousness, heart-centred love and, at a practical level, by the harmonious sounds of the human voice. The greatest use of the voice is to re-tune ourselves in body, mind and above all, spirit. This weekend will introduce you to various kinds of therapeutic vocal and movement practices, which are designed to retune the subtle energy centres, creating a wholeness and well-being on all levels. You will learn vocal toning practices, East and West, that focus on transformation of the chakras, the energy centres that comprise our psychological attributes such as rootedness, creative flow, empowerment, compassion, communication, intuition, love and connection to the divine. The toning practices allow for clearing and balancing of any disturbances that can be underlying causes for physical & emotional issues. The sound work will be complemented with simple Tai Chi like movements that encourage and direct the therapeutic sounds. Participants will be given a taste of tuning forks as a centering tool. Along the way chants of different traditions will be interspersed with mainstream vocal practices. To integrate the sound work, there will be a meditative practice allowing for deep contemplation and inner connection. The practices learned in this weekend can help reduce stress, balance emotions, bring self empowerment, reduce physical pain, and transform a limited self into an unlimited self, empowered and fully present to reach your fullest expression in life. Come simply for the therapeutic effects and to learn take home techniques to practice on a daily basis.

James D’Angelo, PhD, has been leading his Soundspirit courses in the UK, Europe and USA since 1994 and is considered a leading authority on different forms of sound healing. He is an American musician/composer/educator who has lived in England for 30 years, developed his therapeutic sound workshops in 1994 in London. These workshops are based on the conscious use of the voice evolved through his life in music, his studies in self-actualization via Indian Advaita spiritual tradition, his participation in Sufu sacred movements and his practice of Reiki healing. He has published a number of articles within the field and has been an invited presenter at major sound healing conferences in the UK and USA. A regular contributor to Caduceus Magazine, James is an accomplished musician and composer whose complete sacred choral music has been commercially released in 2014 on the USA label Gothic Records. He is the author of The Healing Power of the Human Voice and Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras.   www.soundspirit.co.uk  

Start Date:

August 3, 2018

End Date:
August 5, 2018

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