Vision Statement

Chrysalis is an emerging community of people seeking to raise consciousness, promote lifelong learning and nurture inner freedom, while being a beneficial, compassionate and empowering presence in the world.

Mission Statement

Co-creating the emerging future through developing a network of organisations and individuals who share our vision and values; Providing transformative education by providing opportunities to people for stillness, meditation, contemplation, to explore consciousness, awareness and transformation; Encouraging compassionate connections to foster a sense of community among like-minded people and organizations; Modelling sustainable living and business

Interested in joining our growing network of facilitators?



Chrysalis prides itself on offering quality programmes that provide transformative education while encouraging compassionate connections through workshops aligned with the co-creation of the emerging future of consciousness, awareness and personal transformation.  A large part of our success is due to the quality of facilitators that we welcome into our community who offer workshops to inspire, educate and connect.  As a charitable business seeking to be an empowering presence in the world, we find that the facilitators in our network hold similar values and are aligned with our vision and mission.  With this ethos, together we co-create programmes that benefit those seeking our services.

Our one day workshops usually run from 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM with a lunch break.  We find participants benefit most from a format that is experiential as well as informative, so interactive exercises are encouraged along with lecture and demonstrations, if applicable.

When you facilitate a workshop this what we provide for you:

* Chrysalis manages all registration tasks for the event

* Chrysalis provides the venue, including setup and cleanup

* Chrysalis  hosts the event on the day including tea and snacks, and 1-2 staff members for support

* The workshop and facilitator biography is listed on the Chrysalis and Venue websites

* All workshops are included in our e-newsletters to a distribution list of several thousand

* Facilitators and their work as it relates to the workshop are featured on our Facebook and Twitter feeds

* Chrysalis provides each facilitator a payment of 25% of the total income from event

Coming Soon * Free listing of your bio and information in a special section of our website

Our facilitators also report an important benefit from facilitating at Chrysalis is that they receive business in the one to one practices, and other workshops from the participants at the Chrysalis sponsored events.

If you would like to present a workshop at Chrysalis:

Simply email us at with the following information and our committee will be happy to consider your submission:

* Title of workshop

* Paragraph description of workshop

* How many times have you presented this workshop and for how many participants

* Your bio including photo and website

* If applicable but not required, any videos and/or audios you may have about yourself and your work

* Short outline of what will be covered and format of the workshop

We look forward to hearing from you!