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Our 2017 programme is now out!  We’ve put together a great listing throughout the year and add more events regularly, so stay in touch!

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One-Day Workshops

Our one day programme offers an ideal way of dipping into any number of interesting experiences and learnings. You’re welcome to arrive at the Waverly House anytime from 10.00am onwards to settle in, get your bearings and start letting go of the busyness vibes! One day workshops for the 2014 Programme do not include lunch, however the Happy Pear Vegetarian Cafe and Market is directly across the street from the venue and is a delicious option for lunch.  We recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothes so you can get maximum benefit from the relaxing surroundings. Directions and a full list of what to bring with you will be sent when you have booked and arranged your payment. You’ll be very welcome.

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Vision Statement

Chrysalis is an emerging community of people seeking to raise consciousness, promote lifelong learning and nurture inner freedom, while being a beneficial, compassionate and empowering presence in the world.

Mission Statement

Co-creating the emerging future through developing a network of organisations and individuals who share our vision and values; Providing transformative education by providing opportunities to people for stillness, meditation, contemplation, to explore consciousness, awareness and transformation; Encouraging compassionate connections to foster a sense of community among like-minded people and organizations; Modelling sustainable living and business