Vision Statement

Chrysalis is an emerging community of people seeking to raise consciousness, promote lifelong learning and nurture inner freedom, while being a beneficial, compassionate and empowering presence in the world.

Mission Statement

Co-creating the emerging future through developing a network of organisations and individuals who share our vision and values; Providing transformative education by providing opportunities to people for stillness, meditation, contemplation, to explore consciousness, awareness and transformation; Encouraging compassionate connections to foster a sense of community among like-minded people and organizations; Modelling sustainable living and business


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In these ever changing times, Chrysalis is moving into a new model of running our charitable business, to add to our tried and true aspects over the last 25 years. Using what we know as a foundation, we are looking to enhance our approach to move successfully into the future of consciousness development and education.

An important part of our mission is to create a sustainable business based on building a community to support it. In our eyes, we must come together in mutual collaboration to create something greater than the sum of our individual parts.

We are looking for skilled people who are willing to commit a few hours a week with at least a 3 month commitment to help in the following areas:

Event management and hosting
Website and/or IT
Social Media
Public Relations
Charity Programs

While we are not offering these as a salaried position, we are willing to work with each individual to find a mutually beneficial barter agreement to value time worked. This could be:

Chrysalis Workshops
Work Experience & References
Advertising and co-marketing

We’re open and willing to hear you ideas.

If you’re interested in exploring this wonderful opportunity to create together, please email your contact info, interests, skills & experience, availability and how you would like to benefit from the exchange to

DOWNLOAD our simple form from the links at the top of this page and send the completed form to us via email at or mail at P.O. Box 28, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

From there we’ll be in contact to talk more about matching our opportunities to your interests, experience and availability.